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"At Techwhizz, we believe that you webpage is a powerful and convincing messenger between you and your target audience. "

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Our Website Agency digital services extend to various different fields such as web design, web development, digital marketing, etc. Our main aim focus is that your company grows with the help of our digital knowledge, at the same time keeping in mind the business goals and budget of your company. We will provide you two kind of services broadly, first if you wish to start your company purely from scratch or the other way is that you need our help to run and promote your existing website.

The Comprehensive List of Services we provide:

Unlike other Website Company , on the outer circle, we provide five main services and there are other services in the inner circle as well. Our official has great technical knowledge, strategic planning skills along with creativity that provides a base to your website and makes it stand above the rest of the crowd.

1. WEB DESIGN : We Our first and the most popular service is of web designing. Websites are an important part for a company nowadays and no company works without a website, it is no more about a domain or some pictures but now you need to deal with the complexities in a website. Our Florida website agency provides design services such as templates, semi-custom, and fully custom websites.

2. DIGITAL MARKETING : Digital marketing is a very diverse field, it could not be summed in a few things. After making your website the next step for you is to extend your business online with the help of digital marketing tools. Our specialised team would work with you, understand your requirements and specifications, consider your budget. Finally, our websites company will make a digital marketing plan for you. The services we provide in digital marketing include search engine optimization, paid research, social media marketing, content writing, remarketing, email marketing and call tracking.

3. WEB HOSTIN AND MAINTENANCE : With web hosting, you leave all your worries to us, in the maintenance services you will get a 24/7 uptime, a dedicated account manager, and one hour of support for every month, which is done on some extra charges. The services covered under web hosting and maintenance are website hosting, website support and email hosting.

4. SITE OPTIMIZATION : In case you do not want us to start your website from scratch our website agency is offering you some optimization services under which we would recommend about your website and review on its current situation. We will suggest different things through which you can improve your website's performance. Under optimization, we provide you with services such as ADA Compliance, AB testing and content audit.

5. WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT : Our Florida website agency provides web applications take you a step above the traditional websites, here it performs specific functions using the web browser as it's the client. The user would be able to access these applications from anywhere as they are web. These applications range from message board to a multi-vendor online shopping platform. Web applications contain services such as E-commerce, web apps, custom plugins and API integrations.

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Web Design & Development

We believe that your webpage is a powerful and convincing messenger between you and your target audience.Our website design team comprises of developers suited to whatever your need might be.The attempt is always to have the maximum returns out of the ideas you have and the expertise we have gained over time.


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Bespoke Website Design

E-Commerce Website Designing

As online retail business for your brand, an E- commerce website has to solve your goal of increasing profitability. At Techwhizz, we employ the best of the industry talent, utilize the latest technology and offer highly customizable solutions.


App Development

Tech whizz developers have an edge over other Mobile app developing companies as we offer end to end solution to get you on the Apple app store, Android play store, Windows marketplace and other platforms.


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Digital Marketing

Tech whizz is a perfect choice to serve as your digital marketing partner, given the end to end support we are able to provide. There are several digital marketing techniques available today, and all of them are revenue generating models, if chosen and used effectively.


Website Development

The development team is adept in all programming languages and applications which helps you save time...

Search engine optimization

The ultimate aim is to enable your webpage to be able to generate genuine traffic...

Software Development Services

Software development is an amalgamation of several activities like designing, testing...

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay per click is the common most way to get quick and relevant traffic to your website...

App Development

Techwhizz developers have an edge over other Mobile app developing companies as we offer end to end solution...

DBMS Secuirty

With more and more companies opting for cloud based solutions, Data security and database management has become one .. .