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Static Website Designing

If you want to just post basic information about your business to world wide web then Static Website Design is the answer to your concern. In fact, Static website design is the common and easiest website to set up but with relatively limited functionalities. If you need constant or regular updates of your business to your website then you should go with dynamic website services since Static web page designs are useful to all types of online businesses to develop their landing pages with no further need of changes.

Techwhizz, a leading static website design company in the US, offers best static website design packages for the start -ups or small businesses, where the data of website needs no further updates. We develop sophisticated Static websites with good html designs that are extremely fast, easy to access and identify the products and services available for your customers.

We deliver the finest and stunning static website with perfect UI Design, browser compatible, proper search-engine optimization & user-friendly navigation along with responsive, and fast loading features.

We initiate the website designing process with understanding the clients’ business requirement first after which our creative and experienced web designer will design the unique design layout to transform your business ideas into the desired web application.

We ensure that the proposed design is approved by our clients so our web designers can deliver you a unique website design with high quality and at a quick rate. We ensure your website is set up well and globally visible with our web hosting services.


Static Web Design uses a font and graphics-based logo to create the website containing text, simple design graphics and web pages linked to each other. We deliver attractive, and unique website design which is browser compatible and easily navigate along with easily downloadable graphics.

 Improve Your Business by Availing Static Web Design Services:

With the changing technologies, our website designers have been giving many improved opportunities for static website designing with better design of each web page. We work from scratch to give you ahead of your expectations while using the wide range of objects and layouts wisely for better experience. Share your business need with the static website requirement and we assure you the guaranteed top-notch solutions which will raise your business standards.

Get creative and premium static website design with our expertise. When it comes to static web designing services, nobody can beat Techwhizz. Our designers have in-depth knowledge about web designing fundamentals and experience in handling the challenging technologies to design static websites. Our designers write best HTML coding while using heading elements wisely which will scale up your static website.


  • Professional & Unique Design
  • Responsive using HTML5/CSS3
  • Search Engine Optimization (On Page)
  • W3C Validation
  • Contact Us Form
  • Custom Designed Template
  • SEO Sitemap
  • Mobile/Tablet Compatible
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our web designer team designs an affordable static website with relevant keywords to get your website at top rank in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Having years of experience and being a top static website designing company, we understand the need for having static websites as it is cost effective along with the fact that there is no need to update the website content on a regular basis. The first information on site is fixed with an ability to make simple changes in no time. But taking the advantage of all these factors needs expertise otherwise, one would not get the desired result to compete globally.

We offer affordable and matchless SEO friendly static website designing services in US, that suits your requirements. We will never ask you to purchase any extra software while working on your project.

The Benefits of Using services from Techwhizz – the best Static Web Designing company:

No matter what your business deals in, having the website representing your brand is a must. Your website conveys all the important and required information about your business to your customers and there should not be any irrelevant information displayed on the web pages. We offer premium quality web designing and development services. Why you are not wrong in deciding to go with Static Website designed by us:

  • Affordable
  • Quickly developed 
  • Best for small business
  • Better indexing
  • Cheap hosting
  • Full security
  • Speed
  • Scalable in nature
  • Unlimited Support

Reach us with your static website designing requirement and explore the best solution to increase your business possibilities. We will offer you the services which can add extra value to your existing business and compel you to get your next designing and development work done by us. We will put our best efforts to shift your business from small scale to large with our best static web designing services with full security and rapid navigation speed. We have designed hundreds of successful static websites which are successful. We consider the websites more than a few HTML pages as they are the interface of your business.