Mobile Website Designing

Mobile Website Designing

Gone are the days when the sole usage of mobiles was confined to being a communication portal amidst people living in distant places. With the advancement of technology, there has been a tremendous evolution in mobile functionality. One such revolutionary change is mobile website designing. It is an amalgamation of web into the compact devices of mobiles. The fundamental objective of creating mobile websites is to accelerate user experience.

As per statistical data, it has been estimated that the number of Smartphone users in the United States shall reach up to 257.3 million by the year 2023. Thereby, it will penetrate the need for more mobile friendly website design. Acknowledging the requirement of mobile responsive websites, we at Techwhizz provide the best mobile website design services.

Checklist of the Mobile Website Design Services we provide

We have an extensive team of competent web developers who hold years of experience in creating mobile first web design. Our front-end and backend developers have technical knowledge and master the art of designing robust websites that functions smoothly on any Smartphone. Sustaining a position of a reputed mobile web design company US, Techwhizz offers an array of services as follows:

  • Responsive Mobile Web Designs– The responsive website has the ability to adapt any change in the layout of environment such as the size and orientation of the mobile screen. The techniques which we use include fluid CSS layouts that helps to enhance page adaptivity, thus smoothly functions when the browser window size changes.
  • Cross-Browser Code– Our web developers create mobile friendly website design that works exceptionally well across hybrid mobile browsers.
  • Agile Web Solutions– From ecommerce website, SaaS platforms to web applications, we have got you covered. Our web design and development team embraces an agile approach wherein we put collaborative efforts and incorporate customer’s input.
  • Custom Mobile Websites- Every business differs in terms of their requirements. Thus, our proficient mobile web designers render custom solutions for different business types.

Why Choose Us?

Techwhizz is a one stop mobile website design service company situated in Florida. We streamline the process of mobile web designing and development. Our team of developers emphasize on implementing innovative technology and software to create mobile first web designs. These are some of the perks of choosing us as your mobile web development partner:

  • Standard Security- At Techwhizz, we give considerable important to safeguard the interest of our clients. Thereby we keep the client’s data confidential and follow standard security practices.
  • Skilled Development Team- Our web development and designing team excels in the core aspect of mobile friendly web designs. We are always updated to the latest tech trends and employ them in our day-to-day operations.
  • Real-Time Reporting- We believe in keeping our corporate relationships transparent. Therefore, our team facilitates our clients to track the progress of their project in real-time. Also, we take client’s feedback and make changes accordingly.
  • Cost-Effective Mobile Web Designing- As a leading mobile web design company in US, Techwhizz do not focus on gaining monetary benefits rather our primary objective lies in supreme client contentment.

An Insight into our Work Process

It is utmost essential for our clients’ to understand that we work differently than other mobile web designing companies. At the initial stage, we closely analyse a business model and thereon set a unique course of action. Our mobile web designers then form a strategy and select a strong platform for successfully executing it. Utilizing numerous programming languages and frameworks like JavaScript, PHP, HTML, Laravel, Drupal, our team tends to develop quality mobile websites.

Customer satisfaction drives us to work dedicatedly and provide nothing but the best.

Our Technical Competency

Being a reliable mobile website design service company, Techwhizz take pride in enabling diverse range of mobile web designs services. Following is the list of mobile web designing services that we provide to our customers:

Static Web Designing- A static mobile website is the most pocket-friendly mode of setting a business online. Such a website requires less updates and is easy to host and design, thus, it is one of our best- seller mobile design services. If you want to build a website for an individual, music band, celebrity, then the static web page is the perfect fit for you. The static mobile web design looks rich graphically, is easy to manage and enables interactive experience.

CMS Upgradation- Content Management System or CMS is software or program which helps to optimize web content. At Techwhizz, we provide the service of CMS website upgrading for better efficiency. We determine whether your website needs a CMS upgrade or not after verifying the speed and other factors of your mobile website.

Dynamic Mobile Designs- To climb the ladder of success in the web world, you must clench onto dynamic designs. Thus, we understand such needs and design the most robust dynamic mobile web designs. We create peculiar web pages and websites that work seamlessly on all mobile devices,

E-Commerce Web Development- Perceiving the higher-growth of E-Commerce websites, we customize mobile friendly website design specifically for the E-Commerce industry. As mobile website development company, Techwhizz has delivered several services including product solutions, E- Commerce web development, and creating secured payment gateway solutions.