Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

Techwhizz developers have an edge over other Mobile app developing companies as we offer end to end solution to get you on the Apple app store, Android play store, Windows marketplace and other platforms.

1. Planning:
Our reports and solutions are based on comprehensive analysis of the current and future scope of the product and services offered through your app.

2. Wireframing
We would provide a detailed documentation and wireframe the app. This would detail the navigation, screen changes and end user experience.

3. Technical Feasibility Assessment
Techwhizz has a team of expert developers in different platforms who will assess the technical aspects and feasibility of all the features of the desired application. We do this by sourcing public API(s) . Our feasibility assessment covers different requirements depending on platform (Apple ios, Google Android) and devices (Tablet, Smartphone or Wearable gear)

4. Prototype
We build a prototype to get the hands on experience of the app, and to gather feedback about the usability and capability. We make use of minimum wire frames to speed up the prototype completion, allowing you enough time to analyse and present it for presentations before the designing starts.

5. Design
At Techwhizz we provide dedicated UX designers and UI designers who would ensure to provide the best user experience and user interface for your mobile app.
Our coding experts will provide you with blueprints on the architectural aspects of your app and the visual direction.
We create multiple variations and screens to ensure the final app provides a seamless navigation, easy and conveniently placed buttons and other elements of the design.
We go through reviews after every step and share the reports also enabling you to test the same at your end.

6. Develop
We recommend and begin the development phase early to review the scope of the app. A functioning prototype is immediately developed by Techwhizz developers to test and validate our assumptions, desired functionalities and future capabilities of the app.

7. Testing
Testing is one of the tasks performed regularly and most often at every stage, on every platform and format. Techwhizz designed apps have been tested rigorously to ensure you don’t spend a fortune later on to fix bugs or leak from your app. Early testing not only keeps the costs low but also saves a lot of potential threats to the app later on.
Techwhizz employs some of the best testing methods and manual testing, to provide you with a robust, secure and user friendly app across all formats.

8. Deployment
The biggest moment for you, is the launch day, when we formally launch the app for consumer use. We keep track of all the policies, updates and requirements to launch your app across various platforms. There are various laws that are applicable depending on the region, online stores and app content.
We ensure that you don’t have to worry or spend time and probably hire a legal expert to ensure your app is compliant and will not be flagged as inappropriate or worse.

9 Measure 
We evaluate the apps performance after launch in terms of target and feedback. We identify the metrics that worked and the ones that would need modification.
Techwhizz app developers will report on the metrics to adhere to and also make the necessary changes based on the analysis post launch.