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We understand that every business wants to spend the minimum possible on advertisement and marketing, while deriving the best ROI (return on investment). At Techwhizz, we are committed to your goal and guarantee quality traffic to your website or blog.

The ultimate aim is to enable your webpage to be able to generate genuine traffic (that converts to a sale) and increase the web ranking of your website on various search engine Results page (SERP).

Techwhizz has developed a reliable and ROI obsessed SEO strategy over last 10 years. our search engine optimization experts are well aware of the logarithms of various search engines and the factors effecting website ranking and placement on a SERP.

Content Optimization

A relevant and user relatable content is a must have for any website to able to rank higher and have returning visitors. We ensure that you won’t have to dedicate your time looking for relevant and high quality content for your website.

Website build and Structure

All search engines have their own algorithms, based on which they rank the websites. It’s crucial that your website meets most of the criteria of most search engines to derive the maximum traffic on the internet. We make the essential changes to the structure of the website. The process involves changes in web language (if needed), strategic page and content placements, hosting location changes etc.

The services include:


Special Keyword Research


Keyword Density Analysis


Meta tags Optimization

Business Reviews

Techwhizz helps you get genuine business review through online feedback and ensures the desired changes are made available to you and the end user in the shortest possible time. Good Business Reviews increases not only the website ranking but also means Better Sales!