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The multiple channels used by Techwhizz include-

Email Marketing

With relatively no costs to implement Email campaigns still deliver a return rate of over 125% revenue on investment. As a start-up, effective email marketing is one of the best solutions for you to get kick-started with regular sales online.

Digital Marketing Agency USA
We promise high returns on all email marketing campaigns we run. Our Email Marketing process involves:
  • Strategy & automation
  • Performance & measurement
  • Email design & build Changes and Adaptation

Influencer Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Influencers are social media managers with large following on their WebPages or social media sites like facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Youtube Etc. Influencer marketing in easy terms is a process where a social media influencer promotes your product/website. Its cost effective, better in terms of brand trust in comparison to traditional marketing methods, easy to implement and manage. We also help you promote and sell your product through various affiliate marketers and agencies. It’s a process involving online salesperson selling products on your behalf for a flat fee or commission per sale model. We create affiliate links which are fast, secure and easy to manage for reporting. Techwhizz has tie-ups with various individual and media management agencies and we take care of product listing, sales strategies as well as reporting for all your influencer marketing campaigns.