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Database Security

Techwhizz assures impeccable security for your database by applying security sockets, configuring administration rights and filters and tests. With Techwhizz you don't have to worry about data leaks, data thefts and any other violation which might harm the reputation of your business and/or cause you financial losses.

Database High Availability Database Replication

Techwhizz engineers employ several technologies to replicate your database for quick availability to reduce your performance related costs.We employ technologies such as Data Guard, Oracle Data Guard (to replicate), Streams and Advance Replication

Managed Database Services
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Database Performance Optimization

All services are rendered to work in an optimized state 24*7*365. Memory and Architecture are the focus areas for performance optimization of your database.

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Database Automation

We help you setup highly reliable and advanced proprietary script sets, which will automate several aspects of your business such as reporting, alert services and capacity planning.

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Database Virtualization

Virtualization of database will help you in making changes and adding/removing features from your existing digital products/services.