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Custom Web Banner Designs

Brands are always in a constant tug-of-war to create a whirl with their advertising methods to attract potential buyers and to increase sales growth. Creativity measures are pushed beyond limits to generate a unique idea that would swipe everybody from their feet. 

One such case can be observed with website banner designs, here, they are basically a gateway for brands - it needs to be eye-catchy, mind-blowing and to the point. They are what in the majority make the audience check your website. 

There are a few things that need to be taken care of while designing a website:

  • Avoid putting a lot of information in a banner, it clusters the design and confuses the audience. A message should be clear, understandable and attractive.
  • Colors' palette should be chosen carefully, they should radiate the message. Texts & fonts also play a part in a web banner design, they should be readable. 
  • Images & graphics need to be of the best quality, remember images sell. If it looks good in photographs, it automatically becomes desirable.
  • Think about corporate brand identity, while designing a banner, consider corporate colors, their fonts style, and other dimensions. This allows the audience to quickly relate to the product and the brand
  • Other factors like the placement of logo, contact details, etc. should be strictly considered as they are part of web designing as well. They just can't be placed anywhere.
  • Banner needs to be designed keeping the target audience in mind. The message needs to be transparent and should serve the purpose.

The above are just a few guidelines that most people understand, but it’s imperative to hire a banner design company when it comes to uniqueness, out-of-the-box ideas to convert visitors on your website to potential customers.

Hiring experienced designers makes a lot of difference, what as a website banner design company we offer is a team of designers who are well-qualified, have proven their skills and understand the need of why a banner needs to serve the purpose of “call to action”. 

We specialize in different styles of website banner design:

  • Static Website Banner
  • Animated designs
  • Web Banner Ads/ Promotional Advertising banner designs
  • Video Banners
  • Landing Pages Banners

We have successfully created multiple styles depending on our client’s needs & goals and what the brand is all about. We use the latest tools to deliver banners that leave a lasting impression on the visitors. We follow the trend, hence, we know what your competitors are up to and the industry as well.  

This gives us insight and allows us to offer different designs every time you come to us, we don't like to repeat our designs.  

How do we do it?

Step 1: An open conversation to understand your business goals & requirements.

Step 2: Based on the above analysis, we chose a designer from our team who can deliver your designs.

Step 3: Our designer will guide you and will be there at your service until they deliver your project.

Step 4: Offer our assistance in case anything else is required at your end.

Step 5: Leave you happy & content.

Our web banners can help you boost online traffic and sales, we run an effective systematic creation. It should carefully combine the guidelines of the designing and the need of the brand to be successful. Banner design online is one of the most prolific forms of advertising and companies use them in one form or the other, becoming the most affordable and scalable way to increase brand awareness.

We offer a complete customization solution that can help you bu ild an audience across borders. Customizing a banner gives the liberty to reinforce your brand, they are a popular medium to showcase or talk about the core business, promotions, products, etc.

Our trends include major formats of designing that are tested by leading advertisers in the world. At Techwhizz, we analyze the stats to understand what designs work best with the brand. Our team of designers is solution providers, hence, it's quite easy to rely on them.

We tend to follow these 6 important elements to deliver awesome web banner designs, but not restricted to:

  • Size: It matters! The size emphasizes the information you want to add and how you want it to be seen.
  • Background: Choosing whether to use color or photograph backgrounds depends on the story you wish to tell through website banner design.
  • Headline: It needs to be precise. People don't like to read a lot anyway.
  • Sub-Text: To be used only when there is information when you really want to show.
  • Call to Action: Clearly tell people what you want to do. Whether you want them to register, to use a promotion code or make the sale.
  • Images & Graphics: Show off! An amazing image can do wonders.

Over the period of time, we have come across various doubts when it comes to designing a banner, what it should be like, what needs to be added, what will compel people more to check them out. Hence, keeping a tab on the 6 elements mentioned above we try to assist our clients. The important thing to remember is that both client & designer need to work in sync, we allow them complete freedom to brainstorm on ideas.

Landing pages, apart from the elements discussed above are used most to convert sales. Statistically speaking, for each campaign more than 40% of marketers get a new landing page.

The numbers can't be avoided, and this is the reason why we always push the web banner design to comprise marketing aesthetics. You need to give the market what it seeks but we also ensure to give something that is unique to your business.

At Techwhizz, innovation is our core and passion is a drive. Challenging our ideas on a regular basis not only boosts our performance but it opens a lot of opportunities for us to raise our bar.

Get in touch with us and let us help you with the best. Let’s grow together.